Savings Update – September 2018

It’s again that time of the month for monthly budgets, updating spreadsheets and making investments.  Expenses Rent & Bill 4,000 Dining Out 2,000 Entertainment 1,500 Transport 2,600 Clothes 2,000 Gifts 2,500 EMI 54,000 Total 68,600 Barista FI Funds required as of: June 2018: 17LAugust 2018: 15.5LSeptember: 15.4L As suspected in my previous August update, I […]


‘Buy During Sales’ Dilemma

Most of my Twitter followings are into discounts and buying during sales. So many of them even post about the great deals they find on Amazon, Flipkart of elsewhere. But there’s a problem and it’s with me. I just can’t buy products during sales if I don’t need them. Even if I know that I […]