How To Pack Your Travel Bag

How to pack your travel bag

Once you’ve finalised on the destination, the next step is to pack your bag. I’ve seen many people haggling on what to pack and most importantly how to pack it. It’s one of crucial thing for your travel as you don’t want to be stranded in middle of nowhere without your essentials.

Some of the tips on how to pack your travel bag:

Pack light: Pack only essentials. I’ve seen travellers packing their entire closet when just three pair of clothing would do. If you think you need five pairs just remove two of them.

Rolls your clothes instead of folding: People don’t realise it, but rolling your clothes enables you to pack more clothes into your travel bag. Check out the video below where he packs so much into that tiny little bag. If one folded their clothes instead of rolling, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t fit half the amount into the bag.

Don’t forget your gym/swim suit: When you are travelling it doesn’t mean that you give your health second priority. Many hotels/guests houses these days come with a gym or a pool. Take out your suit and stretch your legs.

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