Keep Investing, Even Now

Wow. What a last three months it has been. I believe I’ve grown more as a person in the last three months than last entire year!

A few people in my immediate circle even volunteered to help with migrants. It just makes me feel proud of their empathy. It also highlights how some of my friends have already achieve FIRE and could dedicate their time towards a cause they believed in. This has only strengthened my resolve to work towards FI.

Since the lockdown in March, markets have tanked and many are questioning whether it’s a good idea to keep investing the market. Now, I’m not an expert but thankfully for me except for the Home Loan I do not really have any other responsibilities any more. I have continued with the SIPs and have even ploughed in more whenever I could.

Since the last time I posted my equity fund, mostly index fund, portfolio on this blog, I have diversified my investments from just equity markets in India to the US as well. I’m super glad that it has now grown to a healthy amount.

Honestly that Midcap fund was a mistake, I wish I hadn’t started that fund. I will at some point rebalance it at some point.

I’m also sharing my crypto investments here just for transparency. I’ve currently moved my crypto holdings to BlockFi as it gives a good enough percentage in interest. I’m trying it out. It’s not safe to host crypto on a non local platform and hence the only part of my crypto is on Blockfi, rest is on a hardware ledger. Overall the crypto portfolio stands at ~$8000. For simplicity, I haven’t converted the number into INR.

It’s been only a few days since I’ve had some Bitcoins moved to Blockfi, I will review their services here once I’ve used them for a few months. I feel confident to move my Bitcoins to Blockfi as it’s advocated by Anthony Pompliano, who is also an investor in the company.

If I had more cash lying around, I would honestly put more into the market. Recently all bank have even furthered lowered the interest rates to paltry sum. It just doesn’t make sense anymore to put anything in FD or have cash lying around.

I hope my readers too are not letting the market fallout affect their decision to stay put in the market, if their financial situation allows them to. I still feel it’s a great opportunity to buy low considering the US markets are down impacting the ones in India.

Are you still investing regularly? Let me know.

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Please note that none of this should be taken as advice to buy. You should contact your financial advisor for such decisions if you’re unsure of it. I’m only sharing my thought process on this blog.

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