Savings Update – September 2018

It’s again that time of the month for monthly budgets, updating spreadsheets and making investments. 


Rent & Bill4,000
Dining Out2,000

Barista FI

Funds required as of:

June 2018: 17L
August 2018: 15.5L
September: 15.4L

As suspected in my previous August update, I couldn’t save much this month but at least I didn’t have to liquidate the liquid fund.

I can’t imagine not being able to put money into my BaristaFI fund/s but that’s going to be my life for at least the next 12 months. Or at least until I figure out to up my pay grade.  I’m still planning to add 10k INR per month by not going on any vacation, entertainment or having a life.

Starting August I’ve also started tracking every penny I spend and that includes the 30 bucks I donate to homeless people. I never budgeted for gifts earlier. That changes from August. I realise I’ve been spending less on entertainment but there’s barely any time to do anything in life these days 😭

I’ve also tracked how I spend money – cash, credit card or debit cards. I’m using Daily Pay app on Google play store to track it. It’s manual but it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to add the details. The app sends out daily reminders so it’s makes it easier.

Unsurprisingly, I’m putting most of my spends on credit card. I pay it down regularly, so no harm there. What surprised me is I barely used my debit card or even netbanking anywhere. My debit card spends were more than cash spends.

I’ve still not managed to find a budgeting app that suits my needs. I might end up writing one myself, if I feel motivated enough.

Taking a cue from Eightytwentyinvestor I’ve decided to share my mutual funds investments and targets with you all. I’ll post it in my next article. Stay tuned!

How’s your September been?

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