Stock Market Experiment – Jan 21

As described in my last post, I’ve taken it slow and I’m enjoying trading in stocks even more.

I’ve also introduced a new rule –

Do not have more than three trades at a time


Initially, even though I tried really hard to not have more trades, I would end up trading in more than 5 stocks at a time and it became difficult to keep a track on it. Slowing down really helps!

Just to iterate for my new readers, whatever little profits I make from my trades goes into Nasdaq100 fund. This is to ensure that the value is locked in. I plan to follow this till I reach fund size of 1L.

Here’s the size of my current fund –

As you can see there hasn’t been much of an uptick and instead I’ve managed to only make about INR 9k in profit in 2 months. However, I must clarify that lack of pressure to reach a certain goal within a time period is amazing. I’m able to spend more hours researching a company and taking a bet. I get to do more Technical Analysis before I trade. So far from the last 2 months of data it looks like I stay invested for about 2 weeks in every trade. It’s quick trades. But really really fun and I’m learning a lot.

I’ve also started feeling that people in finance sectors are some of the smartest people. Traders usually tend to read a lot and do a lot of deep work. It’s everything that I do not get to do in my current job.

Posting every couple of months seem to be the right frequency for such posts. An update every month would result in almost close to zero gains in the fund and that wouldn’t be fun. Let me know if you think otherwise. I would be willing to experiment on the frequency.

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Please note that none of this should be taken as advice to buy. You should contact your financial advisor for such decisions if you’re unsure of it. I’m only sharing my thought process on this blog.

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