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Am I liquidating Crypto Portfolio?

Tldr: No. Long answer below. When I was typing the previous post about on February 2021 update, I touched upon crypto. I felt it’s prudent that we get into more details. I’m sure you’re aware that the Indian government is thinking of banning any private crypto currency. I’d translate it as all coins currently not controlled by the Indian government. […]

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Has BTC’s Bull Run Begun?

This afternoon BTC has crossed $15,000 mark and it has stayed above $15k for some time now. The uptick has halted just before reaching the $16k mark. My conviction in Crypto is even stronger. To be very honest out of all the reasons for using crypto, the most I’m excited about is the application for large bank settlements. The short […]

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Crypto Update – Sept 2020

The last time I disclosed my Blockfi account balance was almost two months ago. At that time I only had about $1.1k in the account. I started the account just to check the interest based account. If you ask me if it’s worth having the account, considering all the transfer fees from bank account to WazirX to Blockfi, I’d say […]

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