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Why Consistency In Savings Matter More?

We have been discussing about where to invest and how you can go about with your salary allocation for savings. I want to talk about consistency in investing today. It’s extremely important and it’s boring. When I first started investing for my retirement back when I was 24, I hated seeing a so much of my salary which I could […]

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Where All Should You Invest?

Once you’ve decided that you want to start investing, the next natural question is where all should I invest? Depending on your risk capability there are various instruments where you can put your money. For simplicity, assuming you’re a novice investor, I’ll list a few instruments you should consider. Emergency Funds (EF) Before you get into building wealth, first and […]

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Why Should You invest In PPF?

While a lot of people I interact with earn well, many haven’t been able to save. Most common question I get is how to save and where to invest. Duh! No worries, I was like you when I first started earning. I first started by taking advice from my parents. Being old school, while very happy to share their advice […]

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