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FI Update – May 2022

It’s been a wild year so far. The markets, be it US or India, have clearly tanked. I thought I’ll update here since the last time I made an update was in June 2021. Almost after a year. Last year around this time, I was still in between some construction work at my new (now old?) apartment. I spoke about […]

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Why am I Angel Investing?

Building wealth is a game of luck. Last year I started evaluating startups to invest however I didn’t end up making any investments. I wanted to spend some time explaining the rationale behind the alternate investments. Some might say that I already have some alternate investments in crypto currencies. And I agree. In fact, having two types of alternate investments […]

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The Tenent is Leaving

It’s Sunday evening and I’m back home to my parents home for a few days. With the rapidly increasing corona cases in India, it looks like the country might have to go into another lockdown. And if it does, the economy is going to tank further. This time it might push a lot more people further into poverty. It would […]

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Is this the boring middle?

This entire year has been lots of firsts. Bought a fugging apartment, Switched jobs, Switched Cities, and then decided to switch states. With the new lifestyle changes, specially considering the amount I was able to save during the lockdown when I moved back in with the parents, I save pennies now. That’s fine though. It was never meant to last […]

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New Life Update

In my last two articles, I did mention that I was expecting some new changes in my life. You can guess from the lack of updates on this blog. Thankfully the process has been completed. I feel relieved that it’s done. Since I’m blogging anonymously, I don’t want to share these changes as anyone would figure out my identity. However, […]

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