I Lost my Job – Still Living the Best Life

I’d be lying if I say, I never thought that being unemployed is something that would happen with me. Having worked in startups my entire life one of the fear or rather, knowledge, has been that you could lose your job any time. And that’s what happened with me.

Given the current situation — markets are historically low, US is in recession, Indian market doesn’t seem to recover, startup fundings are historically low, startups are raising new funding rounds at lower valuations.

So what did I do once I lost my job?

I invited friends over and left for a vacation. This is the first time in ages that I was on a vacation where there were no slack pings, no late night emails, no war room discussions while on a hike. I now feel that all the other vacations I took weren’t really a vacation since I was always occupied mentally with something related to work. Whenever one is in between jobs, I would highly recommend taking some time off.

Why was I not worried?

What’s next?

I will, of course, start hunting for a new job – I already have set up few interviews and am in final stages of discussion. If things are aligned, the next time I post here I should already have a job. I am still okay to not have a regular income for the next 3 months though, although I am confident that I would be employed pretty soon.

However, here’s what’s exciting. I have been thinking of getting into farming for the last 5 years. There have been lots of challenges including could not afford to buy a land, cannot buy a farming land without having a farming license, could not afford to jump into full time farming without having a steady income.

I’ve decided to get into farming slowly. I will post about my journey on the blog.

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