Month: May 2020

Cold Brew from Whole Beans

In the last few years, Cold Brew has seen a steady rise in popularity. It’s majorly for two reasons — one is because it’s of its brewing method, it’s less acidic as compared to the hot brew. Of course, you can control the acidity in a hot brew with the kind of beans, roast and brewing method. However, even then, […]

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Goals for Financial Independence

Many who know me also know that I don’t believe our generation might ever retire. Retirement was just a concept introduced to phase people from physically excruciating jobs. Most jobs of our generations do not require us to do physical labor. In our later years, I believe we might just work on projects that are less mentally taxing. Considering that […]

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Customer Service and Brand Loyalty

We’ve always had much better customer service here in India as compared to that of the west. One of the reason being — companies in India are able to hire more customer service representatives for a lower salary. These reps are being abused for the amount of work they do. However, in the times of corona Customer Service has become […]

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