Month: July 2015

No Summer Internship? Here’s What You Can Do

So you have applied for internships but haven’t been accepted by any of the companies as of yet. You might feel that your world is falling apart. It’s okay. It’s perfectly fine if you feel insecure at young age. But it’s not fine if you laze around and do not take advantage of your summer vacation. Here are few things […]

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8 Tips on Finding Remote Jobs

You may decide to leave your life inside the cubicle office and go for a remote job for many reasons. It could be for raising your kid at a quiet and peaceful place rather than in the congested suburbs or  just for getting more flexibility with the work schedule. But whatever your reason be, remote job might just be what your […]

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How To Pack Your Travel Bag

Once you’ve finalised on the destination, the next step is to pack your bag. I’ve seen many people haggling on what to pack and most importantly how to pack it. It’s one of crucial thing for your travel as you don’t want to be stranded in middle of nowhere without your essentials. Some of the tips on how to pack […]

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