Cold Brew from Whole Beans

In the last few years, Cold Brew has seen a steady rise in popularity. It’s majorly for two reasons — one is because it’s of its brewing method, it’s less acidic as compared to the hot brew. Of course, you can control the acidity in a hot brew with the kind of beans, roast and brewing method. However, even then, compared to cold-brew it’s still more acidic. The second benefit that’s most often touted in the brewing community is that it’s able to maintain the antioxidant benefits of coffee beans.

When I was in France, someone told me that Iced coffee came to be in France when they served coffee with ice.

I have tried Ice brewed coffee and cold brews. Recently, I came across a tweet from a friend that he tried making cold brew from whole beans. I loved it. You don’t have to worry about grinding beans, don’t have to worry about brewing method. Just immerse whole beans in water and let it extract the taste.

I tried one. And it’s the best cold brew I’ve ever made. It’s so smooth, that I can’t believe cold brew can even taste like this.

Cold Brew from Whole Beans

I mean, just look at the color of the brew. I fell in love just then. For my first batch, I used Marcscoffee’s Julien Peak. Julien Peak is a light roast which gives more acidic and floral aroma notes with less body than the natural dry process. I specifically tried this roast to see how acidic cold Brew I would get.

Julien Peak from Marcscoffee

If you’re into coffee, would definitely recommend trying this out. The good thing about cold brews is you can mass produce it and store it for 1-2 weeks by refrigerating it.

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