5 Must Read Books For Digital Nomads

This era of massive technological reforms/advancement has usurped the conventional mode of employment and has turned it around its head. No longer do you need to be stuck with your 9-5 job to make a survival in this cut-throat competitive world.

This is the era where you can pick up your laptop, pack a bag and travel around the world while carrying your work on this wonderland called the internet. This method of working gives you the flexibility you can never imagine in your 9-5 hectic workplace.

And if you are a digital nomad, you’re in luck, because we have compiled a list of books that are a must read for adventurous digital nomads like you. Following books have been written in order to inspire you to take a leap of faith into a journey, you have never traveled before.

Re-Work – By Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

This master piece by the founders of ‘Two Big Announcements’ is sure to shake up (in a positive way!) your ideas for succeeding in your business. “Traditional guide for success” has been vehemently jolted through the powerful words of these successful entrepreneurs.

This book propounds that you don’t need be workaholic or need a big office in order to be successful. The writers are the founders of the software company 37 signals (Hannson joined later) who loathe the traditional business methods adopted by several others. The fact that they have established a business empire worth of millions of dollars and with a consumer base of millions, with the help of just 16 employees and without a marketing department, stands as a proof of their hypothesis.

Almost every business advice in this book is contrary to the popular beliefs. The writers believe in working for today and believe that planning for years ahead is futile. They vehemently oppose the idea of outside investors as they believe that this makes the entrepreneurs to build what the investors want and not what the entrepreneurs themselves want.

A great read for anyone wanting to set up a business or just stroll into the wild looking for opportunities as a digital nomad!

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Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur by Sir Richard Branson

This book by the Virgin Group founder shakes the very fundamentals of conventionalism. This is a part autobiography and part business-advice-book which sheds light on the success of one of the biggest success stories in the history of the business.

The author discusses business ideas under seven heads, namely; innovation, people, brand, delivery, learning from mistakes and setbacks, social responsibility, and leadership and entrepreneurship. The book is candidly written to reflect upon the author’s mistakes and setbacks to his company.

The basic premise that the book relies upon is the fact that your business should be about what you care. If you care about something, then you will do something about it, not for the profits involved or the scale of business, but for yourself!

An intriguing read and thoroughly enjoyable, this book will give you an insight of one of most successful businesses in the world and motivate you to adopt unconventional methods for success.

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Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts

This treatise on the benefits of long-term travel is a perfect dive into the world of carefree traveling and the benefits associated with it. The author has perfectly summed up the thought processes he went through while quitting his job and deciding to travel the world. This is a perfect guide for backpack travelers willing to immerse in the world of digital nomads.

The book consists of chapters regarding preparations, planning, packing, funding of the travel, which are thoroughly inspiring and consists of practical tips to help you while embarking into such a journey.

The book may sound a little preachy, at times, but the minimalistic philosophy adopted by the author is bound to instill a carefree attitude needed for such a journey.

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The $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau

If you want a perfect guide on how to live life with adventure, purpose, with great zeal, and still earn, this is the perfect book for you. The author’s genius can be deduced from the fact that he has toured more than 175 nations without having a single “real job”. It is his ideas that he converts into money to support his adventurous life.

He starts the book by identifying over 1500 individuals who started with a very modest investment and were still able to make it large. In almost all the cases, their personal passions were converted into money. It’s the love for those services or products that such people were able to monetize.

This book will certainly give you a different perspective about life and how to follow your passions. A must read for people who wish to change their own lives and during the course change others’ too.

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Travel While You Work: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Business from Anywhere by Mish Slade

If you wish a read a book about how the work culture around the world is changing and how employers are lenient about giving a comfortable space to their employees, then this is the perfect book to start with.

This 300-page books will give you an insight upon working in a new environment and how to keep you motivated and productive during your travels. It also teaches you about different currencies and tips about communicating with clients residing abroad. Interviews with 13 other freelancers and business owners are inspirational.

This book presents the life of a freelancer in an entirely different light and is sure to inspire the reader to give freelancing a shot.

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