Maintaining Emergency Fund Is Important Too!

In the last post we discussed about how to build your emergency fund and where to park this money.

However, maintaining your emergency fund is also important. Let’s say you’ve build your emergency fund and had to use it for an emergency car repair. Isn’t it a great feeling to not worry about where you get the extra cash during an emergency? 😉

If your emergency fund consist of 1.5L and you had to use 50k for the repair which means that your emergency fund is now down to 1L. While still assuring it’s important that you will up your emergency fund back to its original 1.5L corpus.

I created my emergency fund corpus by adding 10k every month. Whenever, I utilize anything from my emergency fund, I get back to my routine of adding 10k every month. It’s not possible to add 10k every single month for your might have EMIs, SIPs and other expenses. And it’s okay to miss out on a month or so but it’s important to diligently focus on bringing back your emergency corpus to its original form.

At times, whenever I had to use my emergency fund, the following months I have taken up some side gigs to supplement my income. I will write about the side gigs that you can take up in a separate post as I don’t want to divulge from the main theme of this post. Earlier, I had my income from the website I used to run and would use the money earned from the website to fill in my emergency fund whenever required.

If you have any strategies on rebuilding your emergency funds do share them in comments below.

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