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Savings Update – March 2021

I dread writing this report — Last month was damn hell expensive. I took two short trips and started with some house renovation work. The contractor we’ve hired has been working on breakneck speed but that comes at a price. He doesn’t consult before making decisions such as title we want to use etc. It’s getting to a point that […]

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Savings Update – August 2019

This is my least favorite blog post to write about — even though I love tracking my savings and expenses. True to my promise, I’ve cut down on savings update. This month is special. I’m quickly going to jump on to the good news. After years of struggle and penny-pinching and what not (just kidding), my required number for BaristaFI […]

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Why Consistency In Savings Matter More?

We have been discussing about where to invest and how you can go about with your salary allocation for savings. I want to talk about consistency in investing today. It’s extremely important and it’s boring. When I first started investing for my retirement back when I was 24, I hated seeing a so much of my salary which I could […]

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