Savings Update – August 2019

This is my least favorite blog post to write about — even though I love tracking my savings and expenses. True to my promise, I’ve cut down on savings update. This month is special.

I’m quickly going to jump on to the good news. After years of struggle and penny-pinching and what not (just kidding), my required number for BaristaFI is just under 6 digits.


Funds required for BaristaFI as of August 2019:

June 2018: 17L
August 2018: 15.5L
September 2018: 15.4L
January 2019: 15L
March 2019: 14.8L
August 2019: 9.5L

I love this milestone for a simple reason — I’ve been working on this since last 2 years and when I initially started it almost seemed impossible. Now that I’m getting closer to the goal, it feels really good and I’m getting even more confident that I can achieve this dream. That I could be Financial Independent.

The more I am reaching closer to the goal, the more I feel like I can ease off a bit. I definitely don’t want to do that. In an ideal world, I would like to maintain the same Savings Rate as I’ve been doing for the past two years but at the same time, I don’t want to continue living such frugal life. I’m not depriving myself from living the life but I hang out with people who splurge on self a lot and hanging out with them feels like I don’t spend enough on myself.

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