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Savings Update – August 2019

This is my least favorite blog post to write about — even though I love tracking my savings and expenses. True to my promise, I’ve cut down on savings update. This month is special. I’m quickly going to jump on to the good news. After years of struggle and penny-pinching and what not (just kidding), my required number for BaristaFI […]

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Where To Park Your Emergency Fund?

For the past few days, I’ve taken a break and have been “consulting” with a few of my friends and family over budgeting. I could do this for a living đŸ˜› The first consulting session I took were basic ones some of which I have already covered in my previous blog posts. If you’re new here, you should refer to […]

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How Much Should You Save?

This blogpost is going to be short. But sweet. When I first started interacting with my friends about savings and investments, their top most question was how much ideally I should be saving. This is a tough question and the answer might vary depending on your financial situation. Percentage of income that you can save can depend on whether you […]

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