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New Life Update

In my last two articles, I did mention that I was expecting some new changes in my life. You can guess from the lack of updates on this blog. Thankfully the process has been completed. I feel relieved that it’s done. Since I’m blogging anonymously, I don’t want to share these changes as anyone would figure out my identity. However, […]

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FI Update – June 2021

Phew! It’s been a long ride and took much more than expected but the construction work in my new apartment is finally done. I started the construction work back in April after much hesitation. Just one week after we started work the city went under strict lockdown. Little did we know we’d be marred with second wave. Things have been […]

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Savings Update – March 2021

I dread writing this report — Last month was damn hell expensive. I took two short trips and started with some house renovation work. The contractor we’ve hired has been working on breakneck speed but that comes at a price. He doesn’t consult before making decisions such as title we want to use etc. It’s getting to a point that […]

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