8 Tips on Finding Remote Jobs

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You may decide to leave your life inside the cubicle office and go for a remote job for many reasons. It could be for raising your kid at a quiet and peaceful place rather than in the congested suburbs or  just for getting more flexibility with the work schedule. But whatever your reason be, remote job might just be what your doctor ordered.

So how does one even land up a good remote job? Finding a remote job can pretty simple if you know where to search. Yet it can be very different from what you have been doing with your office jobs. For starters, there won’t be any strict time rules or a dress code to be followed. You’ll be your own boss and can start working when you feel like working. You will be doing your work most of the time, in your yoga or pyjama pants – now how awesome is that?

We have listed here some tips to help you find the perfect remote job and to get ultimate peace with work life balance.


Job listings are littered all over the newspapers, internet, magazines and everywhere your eyes can reach. But these ads can sometime be misleading to attract workers and employees. They might mislead you by providing useful and important information at the bottom in small fonts. Understand all the details, about payment, job hours and freedom that you will receive with the job before you quit your current job to join this.


There is also a chance for you to miss the right job proposals, because sometimes these job ads can become cryptic. You should search for keywords such as ‘telecommute’, ‘remote job’, or ‘flexible’. Some of these job ad describes their job as having a very lean or agile environment. ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ are also commonly used to describe the job with remote work environment. So when you are out hunting for remote jobs, do look for these keywords.


Working remotely might sound fun but in fact without a proper preparation it can result in being unemployed. You should set up an office like environment at your home and then set up a work station and a lighting fast internet connection. You will also have to develop certain soft skills such as language skills, and better communication skills.


Finding a remote job can be a little tricky than finding a regular desk job. While regular jobs can be found in paper ads, internet or though several job boards, remote jobs usually have their own special job boards and job portals.

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These jobs can also be earned by referring so try to develop a friendly relationship with remote job workers around you.


Before you head to the interview make sure that you have got everything covered and perfected from your side. Make sure that your CV has the correct information and is laid out in the correct format, your LinkedIn profile looks professional and complete, you know the company name and every important information about them and many more of such details. These details can help you to achieve high impression from the job interviewer’s side.


There might a remote job position vacant at your own company that you never knew about! So before trying anything either arrange a meeting with your boss and talk about your decisions and plans. You never know, your boss might understand your situation and can let you work remotely. What’s better than doing your existing job remotely. You could also talk with your HR enquiring about such positions.


There are a lot of myths that circle around about remote jobs. Be confident and don’t let those myths make you doubt your decision. Whenever you are in doubt just check those lists.

– Working remotely will be very lonely: Working remotely can become lonely at times, you just need to make sure that you have social events to attend. It can range from family outings to business events to meeting your friends for dinner.
– Low wages or they do not have the health and insurance benefits
: Many a times, a company agrees to hire a remote worker so that they can cut down on costs. But these days, many companies and specially startups are hiring remote jobs with almost similar benefits as that of a full time employee.


Your CV plays a very important role in your job selection. A good CV alone can help you to secure a reputed job! So keep these tips in mind while you are preparing your CV. Focus more on the recent achievements. Avoid the word “I” as much as possible. Use powerful words and statements and do not worry about the number of pages. Limit your CV to as minimal pages as possible. Remember to mention in your Cover Letter on why you are looking for a remote job.

You can Google for “CV templates” for inspiration. If you are in creative field, we would suggest that instead of sticking with a formal template, try something new. Check out Nina Mufleh’s CV for a position at Airbnb. She created a new website, filled with data on why Airbnb should expand to Middle East. With data backing and case studies, her CV is very intriguing. If I were CEO at Airbnb I would hire her.


Some companies might not hire a person working remotely because of trust issues. So you can give them the option of freelancing. This way you can prove your skill and if you fit in well, you can ask them to promote you to one of their permanent job positions. Remember, finding a new employee takes time and money for the employer, and if they can just hire someone they have worked with for a full time position, they would. It’s all about gaining the trust.

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