6 Must See Things To Do In Singapore

Singapore is one of those Asian travel destinations that are often forgotten by your everyday tourists. This is only one of the reasons why it’s so exceptional destination for digital nomads and little more adventurous travelers. In this list, we share 7 must things to do in Singapore from major tourist destinations to something not so popular.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

If you only had time to visit one tourist attraction in Singapore, it should be Gardens by the Bay after dark. This 101-hectare garden is loved by tourists but also by locals. Walking around will leave you speechless. Oh, and don’t forget your camera because there is more than enough photogenic scenes in this garden decorated with colorful lights. You can visit their official site to check out the official closure times – http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en.html How to get there: The nearest Mass Rapid Transit station is Bayfront MRT station or you could also take bus service 400.

You can visit their official site to check out the official closure times – http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en.html

How to get there?

The nearest Mass Rapid Transit station is Bayfront MRT station or you could also take bus service 400.


  1. See sea animals and go snorkeling

Blue waters, perfect beaches, and colorful corals. Do I have to mention anything else? Going on each or doing a day trip to the beautiful island is must thing to do in Singapore whatever you were tourist, normal traveler or digital nomad. If you are staying in Singapore for a longer time, consider learning diving and go see even more beautiful parts of the sea.

  1. Haji Lane

If you want something different and cool, Haji Lane is the right destination for you. This street full of hip graffiti, shops and cafes are popular among locals and those travelers who want to get out of the most touristy destinations. Just walk around and enjoy the chilled atmosphere of Haji Lane.

Before visiting Haji Lane, I googled a bit about the place only to know that Haji Lane has come a cult only in the last few years. The community of shopkeepers that you find here are a closely knit community.

You’ll get anything to everything here. Even if you do not buy anything here, the cafes are a must visit.

  1. The MacRitchie Treetop Walk

Nature is one of the main things to enjoy in Singapore and what would be better place to do that than from the sky! MacRitchie trails are one of the most popular nature hikes in central Singapore and Treetop Walk is part of several of them. On Treetop Walk, you will walk around between the top parts of the trees and see nature in a different part of its growth.

  1. Go midnight shopping

If you are one of those digital nomads who find themselves working in the middle of the night or you just hate big crowds, try doing you shopping at night time. Especially during weekends, many shops are open until late hour but for true night owls 24 hours open Mustafa Shopping Center is the only right place to go.


  1. Universal Studios Singapore

Someone may tell you that Universal Studios is only for kids. That’s a lie. Everyone should visit this big theme park that allows you to visit the most popular movies of our time. It is a little expensive for those on budget but totally worth they money.

Before you book a ticket to Universal Studios you need to make sure of the ticket you want to buy. The studios is pretty huge and might get difficult to cover everything within the limited time. The park is busiest during weekends of June, September and December. So plan accordingly.

If you have already booked tickets (get the express pass) the best thing to do is to reach early.

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