How To Travel To Spain, Inexpensively?

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Spain is one of the good options for the tourists. Spain has some beautiful place like San Sebastian, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid; Seville, etc. if you do not know everything about Spain, then it may cost more for your trip. Now, we will discuss some tips which are helping you to minimize your travel cost. Though traveling to Spain is not so expensive due to fuel cost,

Though traveling to Spain is not so expensive due to fuel cost, cheap food cost and strong Euro. But after that, the below tips are help you to cut your travel costs in Spain.
1. Book Your Flights at the Right Time

First, to visit Spain, you need to book a flight ticket. You need to book your ticket in advance (if possible). It helps you to get a budget airline service in your budget. The budget airlines only provide theirs for the Europe countries. You need to identify the cheapest airline for Spain.

2. Share Accommodation at Hostels, Airbnb and Couchsurfing

The biggest part of travel cost in Spain goes for accommodation. If you want a single private room, then it will cost more and may cross your budget. Thus you need to share accommodation with others to minimize your cost.

To minimize cost, you can go for the youth hostels. There you will get free wifi and breakfast. There is another cheapest option for accommodation, and that is CouchSurfing. You need to access some websites to contact for free couches. The people of CouchSurfing allow you to sleep on their couch without any cost or may say free of cost.

But if you need a privacy space as accommodation then you need to contact with Airbnb. The Airbnb allow you to stay in a spare apartment and you have to pay a little rent for it. It is safe, secure far cheaper way for accommodation.


3. Avoid the Train (Usually)

You can visit Spain by bus as well as by train. But you need to avoid the train. This is because the bus will charge fewer fees than train and will save you time also. You can also share a car cost with others, and it will cut your cost.

4. Go Underground

The bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona has cheap metro systems like subways or underground. You can use it to cut your cost.

5. When in Spain, Eat as the Spanish Do

You need to eat as like other Spanish. Usually, they take small breakfast, small dinner, and a large lunch. In Spain, dinner is so expensive, and lunch is cheap.

6. Consider a Discount Card

You need to get some discount cards to get the discount on different places like rail passes. You need to visit free places like there are some museums in Spain which are free at some specific day. Thus you need to look for it to cut your travel cost.

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