‘Buy During Sales’ Dilemma

Most of my Twitter followings are into discounts and buying during sales. So many of them even post about the great deals they find on Amazon, Flipkart of elsewhere.

But there’s a problem and it’s with me. I just can’t buy products during sales if I don’t need them. Even if I know that I might need to buy them 6 months down the line. Par exemple, the Kindle I use is getting out of magic. One day it stopped working and I kept it at home for a few days and it started working again. I know that I need to replace it soon and I had been looking for deals while it wasn’t working. As soon as it started working, by luck there was on offer on Kindle Paperwhite. The 10k Wi-Fi version was available for 8.5k with 1000 buck Amazon pay cashback. The entire deal would have costed me just 7.5k for the new Kindle. And guess what, I just couldn’t buy it.

Similarly, I found a nice deal to buy 3 t-shirts to wear at home for just 500 INR. And I know I’ll need to buy some T-shirts pretty soon. I lost on the deal because I couldn’t make up my mind.

I’m pretty sure when I actually have to buy these things I’ll end up paying the actual amount. Most of my friends don’t think this way and they’ll grab good deals whenever they find some. I keep wondering what’s the best way to this. Do they end up buying unnecessary things? Or do I end up paying more for things I should’ve been able to save?

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