Frugal Hobbies While FIREing

When you’re gunning for FIRE, having expensive hobbies can be a damper on your plan. I know since I spent more than 3L INR (300K INR) on learning French. However, it was much much before I came across the concept of FIRE. If I were to think about it now, I’d probably feel guilty about spending so much. It’s still one of the best money spent. The experience has enriched so many aspects of my life and I made many more young friends.

So when I was done with the French Classes, I’ve had enough time to bore myself weekends to weekends.

I’ve tried a bunch of things but most hobbies are so expensive it’s not even funny. I really dislike how commercialised everything has become. Some 5 years ago I used to be part of a trekking group, I thought I’d check them out again. They’d charge somewhere around in hundreds to cover transport cost. I checked them out again this summe and they’ve been charging 2-3K each treks! Crazy crazy amount. I could go on treks with my colleagues but seriously I’d like to spend at least weekends without meeting my colleagues. They are nice people yet I don’t want to spend 7 days a week with them.


Since last few years, I’ve wanted to be a Bee farmer. Watching the YouTube videos over and over again meant I also wandered around farming. For the longest time I’d counter myself saying you need a land to start farming.

One day I stumbled upon Refinery29 video of a lady who grows veggies inside her Manhattan apartment. It really inspired me to start my own apartment farmer. I’ve started calling myself indoor gardener. I now grow Coffee, Brinjal or Egg Plants, and various kinds of Chillies. It’s still easy stages but I’m super excited about it.

I plan to grow herbs soon too. I’ve heard stories about people growing expensive species on their apartment terraces and supplying it to restaurants. I don’t want to make gardening an income because I want to enjoy it as a hobbie.


Yes, I can’t let the 3L that I spent on French go waste. I’ve decided to spend a lot more time than I already do to improve my French.

I’ve started writing a dairy in French. Writing instead of typing has a lot of benefits. Earlier I had started a blog in French but typing and learning a language is not that much fun.

Besides that, I’m listening to a lot more French podcasts. It’s become a routine thanks to my commute schedule.

I’m using the app HabitHub to track these new habits. As it’s said, it takes 21 days to form a habit. I’ve found it, unfortunately, it takes more than 21 days for me.

Book Club

I’ve also joined a local book club! Okay.. Okay, it’s about 30 mins from my place. But it’s super exciting. Since I was a kid I’ve been into books. I still remember walking down when I was in 8th grade to the library every single day as I’d exhaust all the Perry Mason mysteries in a single night.

Anywho.. The Book Club costs me Rs 100 per month, which is really nothing. Sometimes I do have to spend on buying books as some titles that member choose aren’t available in the local library. I do love spending money on books so that’s fine by me.

These three hobbies are enough to keep me busy outside of work hours an are also full filing.

I’m not writing about hobbies so that you follow them as well. You should find something that makes you happy. You also shouldn’t be stubborn though, if you really want to do an hobbie that’s expensive, just figure out a way to be able to afford it and still not break your FIRE expectations.

Do you have any frugal hobbies?

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