September Update

After a dreadful August, September came blowing its horn strong. Last month has been quite expensive.

My phone stopped working and I decided to invest in a phone with better camera to expand my photography hobby. It’s paying out already. I’m clicking 3x more photos and at most times I have a much better camera than the table I’m at.

Taken during dark

It’s 1st of September and my personal laptop has stopped working. Most likely the processor has stopped working. I am guessing I would have to shell out 10k to get it repaired. It’s still cheaper than getting a new laptop, however, I am no financial state to even get the laptop repaired.

Thankfully, I am not too dependant on my laptop. Typically, I spend about 30 mins each day on it watch TV series once I reach home. On weekends, I am mostly on my spreadsheets and that’s when I’ll miss it the most. Thankfully, I have an old almost dying iPad that I had purchased long long ago. I just tested out Google Spreadsheets and it seems to load them just fine.

It had a good life, purchased in 2013 and abused it for the first 3 years. Thanks to the iPad I won’t miss it that much and gave me a reason to use the iPad again. Seriously, who uses iPad any longer? It’s one of the most useless purchase i’ve made. Never used it beyond first few weeks.

I plan to get the laptop repaired though, and will save enough to get it fixed either by October or November.

Almost purchased Netflix subscription

Netflix subscription in India is expensive. When I had a subscription, I had a few friends dying to get added. I decided to cut down to Netflix subscription during my subscription spring cleaning. At one point I had subscription to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, New York Times, The Ken, Le Monde. Only Amazon Prime and The Ken stays. The Ken is up for renewal in another two months and I’m thinking of cutting it off. I don’t like the overtly negative tone of their reporting despite quality reporting.

This Thursday after a tough day at work, I reached home and couldn’t find anything interesting to watch on Amazon Prime. I almost pressed the subscription button to get enrolled into the hell hole. I call it hell hole because I tend to go overboard with TV series and turn into a stinky couch potato over the weekend.

Thankfully my senses prevailed and I closed the tab. Instead went back to reading on my Kindle. It’s good to have found some small wins between an otherwise expensive month.

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