Savings Update – Jan 2019

The last saving update I made was in September 2018. Yikes! I need to be more consistent in my writings as I am with my savings. Not complaining though 😋


Rent & Bill4,000
Dining Out2,000
Sports Activities4000

I’ve added a new category “Sport Activities” as I’ve started running and slowly getting back to cycling. I didn’t realise how expensive it’s registering and running a marathon. But now that I’m starting to run, I’m tracking how much I’m spending on it.

So far most marathons seem to be in the range of 600-1000 INR but there are other costs included, transportation to the venue early morning are a costly affair. Since all marathons start early morning, I have to either book a cab with surge pricing or arrange for a hotel stay near the beginning point. Yet, I am not spending as much on sports as some of my friends are! When you run, you need the right gears such as shoes. And shoes that are comforable and light weight can be expensive enough.

Barista FI

Funds required as of Jan 2019

June 2018: 17L
August 2018: 15.5L
September 2018: 15.4L
January 2019: 15L

Nothing much to add here, except that I’m on the track as I had planned. Thankfully from April 2019, I should be able to add more to my Barista FI fund

I have moved on from the expense tracking app I was using earlier – Daily Pay. Now I use Money Manager on Android which allows me more flexibility. I can assign a budget to each category or sub-category and it even carries forward the balance from last month in case I don’t spend it all.

The best find of this month has been an app called “Future Ready“. It allows you to check Provident Fund balance. You can use EPFO website to get this information but I find it extremely confusing to use. Future Ready app has an easy interface and I can check right from my phone.
PS: This is not a sponsored post, I genuinely loved what they’re doing.

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