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Savings Update – September 2018

It’s again that time of the month for monthly budgets, updating spreadsheets and making investments.  Expenses Rent & Bill 4,000 Dining Out 2,000 Entertainment 1,500 Transport 2,600 Clothes 2,000 Gifts 2,500 EMI 54,000 Total 68,600 Barista FI Funds required as of: June 2018: 17LAugust 2018: 15.5LSeptember: 15.4L As suspected in my previous August update, I couldn’t save much this month […]

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Savings Update – August 2018

It’s mid August when I first started drafting this post and it’s still raining heavily here. August has been turbulent and even that would be an understatement. Expenses Rent & Bill 16,000 Groceries 3,800 Dining out 1,000 Entertainment 0 Transport 2,000 Phone 40,000 Total 62,000 My phone stopped working and I had to purchase a new device. Over the last […]

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Savings Update – June 2018

Since I started my quest to educate friends on how they can save and invest, a surprising byproduct has been my aggressive and rigorous tracking of expenses and savings. While I worked at my previous firm we would keep on saying that track and measure impact. It had been ingrained that I can measure impact and work to improve things […]

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