Savings Update – March 2019

I’ve decided to cut down on the frequency of Savings update from here, possibly every quarter instead of every month. I wouldn’t call it a tough decision. It’s quite boring to write about how much I am saving and my expenses. However, I don’t want to stop writing about it for two reasons — one is to keep myself accountable and secondly to track my progress and reflect on it. I do track my expenses through spreadsheets and what not but I rarely get to reflect on what I am exactly doing.


Rent & Bill5,000
Dining Out0
Sports Activities0

There’s one change in me I’ve realized in the past few months and it’s not really surprising. Since achieving my targets of a good enough emergency fund and good ‘enough’ investment portfolio in mutual funds, I find myself more at peace. Consciously unconsciously, I’ve allowed myself to spend some on myself. I’ve not only seen myself spending on clothes, but I’ve also relegated to spending more on comfortable commutes.

I couldn’t imagine myself doing it last year.

I did a lot of penny-pinchings last year. I would really refuse to even spend money on buying a pizza. I just love pizzas. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a single day, multiple days.

This month, I’ll have to dig into my emergency fund to cover my EMI as my office miscalculated my Taxes and now I have to pay more in taxes than I originally thought. And it’s all going away from my March Salary. Not worried though, I’ve enough in my emergency fund to sail through this.

Barista FI

My plans for Barista FI seems to be getting pushed indefinitely. As you might know, I was going to keep pumping more in my FI fund post-April. But this new Tax surprise has moved ahead of my plans to May. I’ll try and be patient.

Funds required as of March 2019

June 2018: 17L
August 2018: 15.5L
September 2018: 15.4L
January 2019: 15L
March 2019: 14.8

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